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Our Services


We provide an all round service from getting comparative tooling quotes to material selection to moulding and if required a certain amount of assembly work. We operate from 2 manufacturing facilities one being in Watt place and the other Staal Street in Kya Sands.

Customised Mouldings

As we are a custom injection moulding company we manufacture a large range of products converting all types of raw materials. We have desiccant dryers which allow us to pre dry all types of material properly that allows us to process these materials properly.

Production Capabilities

We currently have 27 machines ranging from 20 ton to 500 ton(mainly Negri Bossi). The focus is custom injection moulding. All machines are fitted with Micro processor controlled, De-humidifying drying units, vacuum loaders, colour dosing units, robotic interfaces and mould heaters. We have an ultrasonic welder that allows us to weld parts together where necessary. We operate from 2 manufacturing facilities one being in Watt place and the other Staal Street in Kya Sands.

Materials Used

We process all types of raw material ranging from polyolefin’s i.e. polypropylenes to styrene’s to all types of engineering plastics i.e. polyurethanes to polycarbonates to nylons to ABS etc.

Quality Control

As we are ISO accredited ISO 9001:2008 we have a fully fledged quality department run by Joe Ferraz. He has 2 quality patrol inspectors under him. When a new project is started all the critical dimensions are obtained from the customer. From this a work instruction is issued that is posted on the machine when the production is running. These work instructions are updated on a regular basis if and when is necessary. As an ongoing quest to meet our customers particular needs we, in 2005, set up ADV Auto at 36 Staal Street. We have a 40 ton vertical Arburg, 3 Arburg injection moulding machines ranging from 30 ton to 150 ton and 2 80 ton Negri Bossi injection moulders.


We recycle all our materials and reuse this material by adding a small percentage back with the virgin material. This not only keeps our waste to a minimum but helps with the environment.